Cannabis News

The Cannabis Party is appalled that Grey Power's national federation president is attempting to censor it's membership and override their wishes, regarding medical cannabis.

Grey Power president Tom O'Connor said he would never let his organisation be "taken over by this crap" regardless of the wishes of its members.

Mr O'Connor made unsolicited, angry phone calls to cannabis law reform organisations on Wednesday threatening to "go to war with you lot of degenerate cannabis people".

Northland MP Winston Peters has agreed to accept a petition by a Grey Power chapter to legalise cannabis.

Mr Peters spoke to Radio NZ about Otamatea Grey Power's enthusiasm for being able to have a few pot plants in their back yards.

Beverley Aldridge started the petition along with a bunch of retirees from Northland who've never taken illegal drugs in their lives.

Californians are set to decide whether to make recreational marijuana use legal.

The proposed so-called "Adult Use of Marijuana Act," which is supported by Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsom among others, would allow people aged 21 and older to possess as much as an ounce of marijuana for private recreational use and permit personal cultivation of as many as six marijuana plants.

"Today marks a fresh start for California, as we prepare to replace the costly, harmful and ineffective system of prohibition with a safe, legal and responsible adult-use marijuana system that gets it right and completely pays for itself," initiative spokesman Jason Kinney said in a statement.

A petition supporting access to cannabis oil for Helen Kelly, has been knocked back by a Parliamentary committee.

Over 4000 people signed an online petition calling for Ms Kelly to be allowed to use cannabis oil to help control the pain and nausea her disease is causing her.

However Parliament's Health Select Committee said the Government doesn't support the use of unprocessed cannabis for medicinal purposes because the dose and potency can't be controlled, and also because of the risk of contaminants.

One year to the day since the death of her 19-year-old son Alex, Nelson woman Rose Renton's fight for medicinal cannabis law reform continued with a protest held outside the offices of Nelson MP Nick Smith on Waimea Road this afternoon.  

More than 30 supporters joined Renton on the hour long vigil, as well as messages received from other advocates around the country.

A steady stream of toots from passing vehicles also added their support.

The Labour, Greens and Government parties have turned their back on the the plight of medical cannabis users.

Cancer patient Helen Kelly called for a Citizen's Initiated Referendum after Labour's Damian O'Connor abandoned his plans to introduce a cannabis referendum with a private members Bill.

Damian O'Connor MP told The Cannabis Party that he had no intention of introducing the Medical Marijuana Referendum Bill after he replaced it with legislation that was more acceptable to Pharmaceutical lobbists.

Key public figures are set to assemble at the Auckland Town Hall next week to host a public discussion on the impacts of cannabis laws in NZ communities.

The launch of the "Let's Start The Conversation" campaign – a national vehicle to create informed community discussion and debate around the impacts of current cannabis laws – kicks off on Monday, June 27th with a Town Hall Assembly in Auckland officially endorsed by Auckland University of Technology (AUT) and the New Zealand Criminal Bar Association .

Chaired by Russell Brown and featuring Helen Kelly, Professor Max Abbott (AUT), Warren Young (New Zealand Law Commission, Ret.), Dr. Chris Wilkins (Massey SHORE) and others, the event follows on from the Great Marijuana Debate chaired by the late Sir Peter Williams on 26th Oct 1984.

New Zealand feature documentary Druglawed has won best feature the New York Cannabus Culture Film Festival.

Director Arik Reiss said it was the first time the documentary had been screened in the US.

"It is awesome to win this festival and get some recognition for the hard work that went into producing Druglawed," he said.

The popularity of the first films has inspired Reiss to produce a sequel to Druglawed.

In 2011, the Government and the Green Party promised a law that would encourage the use of Natural Health Products alongside conventional medicine as a precursor to an integrated, science-based approach to health.

Instead the law has emerged from the corridors of power as a draconian and restrictive approach which is very different from the integrative approach to medicine which is beginning to flourish overseas.

A significant number of herbs will be restricted without just cause. Very common kitchen foods and well known folk remedies are already on the list to be restricted in various ways by Medsafe.

UN Secretary General nominee Helen Clark has confronted Peter Dunne at the recent UNGASS meeting, regarding New Zealand's lack of progress on decriminalising cannabis.

A New Zealand representative at the global drug policy conference told The Cannabis Party that Helen Clark approached the New Zealand delegation and asked Peter Dunne what he was doing to progress the decriminalisation of cannabis.

Dunne was reportedly lost for words as he was not making any progress towards cannabis decriminalisation.