Cannabis Party's shadow budget summary


The Cannabis Party's shadow budget focuses on increasing public revenue while decreasing government spending.

The National Party has created a $100 billion dollar debt hole for New Zealand. The Cannabis Party would prioritise paying down debt and balancing the books.

The Labour Party wants to increase existing taxes. The Cannabis Party would add taxes to the commercial cannabis trade, but maintain or lower existing taxes.

NZ First has proposed writing off student loan debt for people who work in the regions. This is in alignment with the Cannabis Party's policy of reducing student loan debt by 10% each year for New Zealand workers.

Social housing would be prioritised by building with hemp-crete. Kevin McCloud from Grand Designs said hemp-crete was the best building material he had used.

Medical cannabis and hemp health food will improve the health of New Zealanders and reduce the finical burden on the health system.

The cost of enforcing cannabis prohibition is over $200 million annually. This would be redistributed to the police, courts, corrections and defense force.

The industrial hemp, medical cannabis and recreational cannabis markets would all generate economic growth and create job opportunities.

The revenue from cannabis dispensaries would be in the hundreds of millions of dollars annually. The targeted taxation of recreational dispensaries will fund schools and hospitals.