Legal action threatened over media misrepresentation


The Cannabis Party has confirmed it is not associated with Auckland mayoral candidate Adam Holland, as reported in some media outlets.

Mr Holland, is the founder and sole member of Auckland Legalise Cannabis. It is not connected to the Cannabis Party in any way.

His drunken and satirical antics during the mayoral campaign trail have caused many people to believe that the Cannabis Party had descended into disrepute

This is the latest in a string of media misrepresentations, where activists are falsely portrayed as representatives of the Cannabis Party.

At a protest at Parliament in September, TVNZ falsely portrayed activist Fred Macdonald as a representative of the party despite him having had his membership revoked in 2014.

In August Radio NZ claimed that Michael Appleby was still the leader of the Cannabis Party despite his retirement in 2013.

Cannabis Party leader Julian Crawford said he would not hesitate to take legal action against any media outlet if such misrepresentations continued.