Cannabis Party announce new magazine


The Cannabis Party has launched a new magazine as it builds up to the next election.

The e-magazine is called The Hemp and Cannabis News, produced in conjuunction with World News.

Here is a taste of what you will find in the first edition:


  • The cannabis industry is worth $550 million annually to the taxpayer, according to Treasury figures, released under the Official Information Act.

  • A majority of New Zealanders support home growing of cannabis, and over 80% support medical cannabis, according to polls by UMR and Curia Research.

  • The Labour Party had an opportunity to introduce a cannabis referendum into the member's ballot, but decided against it.

  • None of the political parties in Parliament support legalising cannabis. What will it take for the Cannabis Party to get elected.

  • A “loophole” in section 8 of the Misuse of Drugs Act has “opened the floodgates”, with numerous people bringing legal cannabis into Auckland International Airport.

  • Winston Peters to receive grey power petition about cannabis, despite controversy within the organisation.

  • Food Standards Australia New Zealand have proposed that hemp seed foods be made legal, from as early as November 2016.

  • And much more...


Every month a new edition of The Hemp and Cannabis News will be released with the latest from the hemp and cannabis industries, as well as political reform campaigns.

Your subscription will help fund the cannabis law reform movement.