Synthetic cannabinoids no substitute for the real medicine


The promotion of synthetic cannabinoids in medical trials is evidence that New Zealanders are missing out on the benefits of natural cannabis.

The Law Commission has called for natural cannabis to undergo clinical trials in New Zealand, but the government ignored the recommendation.

Instead, the Ministry of Health has given the green light to a trial investigating the effects of synthetic cannabinoid gel ZYN002.

Mt Roskill candidate Brandon Stronge said he had personally witnessed the medicinal powers of the natural cannabis plant.

“I have a small L4-5 central disc extrusion and posterior annular tear. Doctor's prescribed me 4-8 tramadol a day for last 2 years. I have got myself off them by using cannabis infused coconut oil rubbed topically on the back,” he said.

“It treats the pain better than tramadol and has no side effects.”

Stronge said that synthetic cannabinoids would be unnecessary if New Zealand legalised medical cannabis.