Green Party's new cannabis policy is a low priority, unlikely to be implemented under Labour led government


The Green Party have no intention of implementing their new cannabis policy, despite some good aspects to the policy.

Metiria Turei has said in the past that cannabis law reform wasn't one of her party's priorities and now Labour leader Andrew Little has confirmed it still wont be a priority under the Labour-Green MOU.

"I’ve a personal view from my personal experience of dealing with workplace drug and alcohol policies about more liberal access for young people, and by that I mean up to 25, to cannabis, because I know of the long-term harmful effects that even modest use can have," Little said.

Cannabis Party leader Julian Crawford said the Greens were unwilling to take the steps required to implement their own policy.

"The Greens' revised cannabis policy has some good points but is another cynical attempt at vote buying," he said.

"The Greens are still unwilling to make their cannabis policy a bottom-line in pre-election coalition negotiations with Labour."

The Green policy to "assess evidence from overseas jurisdictions with legal cannabis markets to determine the best model for New Zealand" avoids the fact that the best model is already known.

Crawford said only the Cannabis Party was comitted to a regulated, taxable marketplace for commercial cannabis sales.