A.L.C.P. only logical choice for pro-cannabis voters


If your basing your vote around the pro-Cannabis movement then there is only one logical party to vote for and that is the Aotearoa Legalise Cannabis Party. The A.L.C.P is the only political party that has cannabis law reform as it's number one priority.

"Let's not forget Matiria Turei stood as a candidate for ALCP  back in 1996, Yes that's right folks this year the ALCP is 21 yrs old. Ms Turei has now been the co leader of the Greens since 2009 and very little has been done with regards to Cannabis Law Reform. Now with the Greens going into partnership with the Labour Party, The issue will more than likely remain stagnant," party leader Jeff Lye said.

"We know there will be no change under a National led Government and Gareth Morgans Opportunities Party has other policies that will take precedence over Cannabis Law Reform. The rest of the political parties don't have a lot to say on the issue basically 'sitting on the fence'."

A.L.C.P. is the only logical party to vote for that is truly dedicated to legalising cannabis whether it be medicinal, spiritual, industrial or recreational purposes.