ALCP Message To St Albans Residents And Voters

Dear St Albans Residents
Thank you for the opportunity to share our poilcies
and what they mean for the voter.

The Aotearoa Legalise Cannabis Party exists to legalise cannabis for
recreational, spiritual, medicinal and industrial puroposes,
to empower people to work together for peace and true justice;
and to institute a proper and just balance between the power of
the state and the rights of the individual. We believe
adults have the freedom of choice unless that choice harms
other people or the planet.

Our minumum policy programme is for:
1. R18 Recreational Industry:
Dutch style cafes have worked for
around 50 years in Holland, indicating ho harms to society with among
the lowest teen pregnancies, suicide and drug up take in the
world. Their prison population is on the decline and we are
building more prisons for our increasing prison population.

330 million dollars per annum is wasted on the failed
cannabis policy. There have been two Health Select Committee Reports,
recommending changing the legal status of cannabis and the 2011 Law Commission Report
said it was a health issue and not a criminal matter.

2. Affordable Medicinal Availability:
In 2003 the US took a patent out on Marijuana as Medicine.
It is titled Cannabinoids as anti-oxidents and neuroprotectorants.
Marijuana is proving to be effective for many ailments.

3. Full scale development of a Billion Dollar Industry:
Fast growing, renewable Hemp provides us with the basics of life;
Hempcrete for houses; textiles for clothes; paper; biodegradable plastic;
bio fuel; food and many products. The seed is a complete protein with omegas
3,6 and 9. Farmers can diversify from Cows into the clean green hemp
industry. This will help keep our water clean.

Our policy will free up millions of tax dollars spent on enforcement,
and will make millions of tax dollars in the development of the cannabis industries.
Resulting in jobs and resources for health, education and social services.
This year the ALCP will be 21 years old and we are heartened by the maturity of the
debate which has finally come of age.
Voting for the Aotearoa Legalise Cannabis Party will grow our economy and
save our environment.

Michael Britnell
Vice President - Aotearoa Legalise Cannabis Party.