NZ Politicians Lack "testicular fortitude" When It Comes To Cannabis

It seems New Zealand politicians lack the testicular fortitude to lead New Zealand in the direction of becoming a more compassionate society,

they chose not to support the Green’s medicinal cannabis bill to the next reading.
Chloe Swarbrick delivered an excellent speech promoting the Bill,
so it was sad to see parliament refused to send it further.
To allow normal New Zealanders the opportunity to share how cannabis treated their ailments and has benefitted their lives.
The speeches mentioned how much better suited Labour’s Bill is going to be,
A bill that seems to be more of a smokescreen,
allowing companies to produce pharmaceutical grade products for sale in the foreign market,
while allowing less than a handful of conditions here at home to use these products.
Regardless of what some speakers stated,
medicinal cannabis is heavily regulated in the United States,
these models support “pharmaceutical-grade” medicine as well as self-grown,
those models are working.
If New Zealand wants true medicinal cannabis,
it has to remove cannabis from the Misuse of Drugs Act (1975) and regulate it.
ALCP will be looking towards the 2020 referendum,
this will be the time New Zealanders can decide on what they need and want,
not Party “Representatives” choosing what they think we need, like we’ve just seen.
Steven Wilkinson ALCP President.